Okaris was found in 2010 by Omer Karisman. But originally it is his life's work. It is what he has done in the new media sector since he first met with a computer and held a pen. He has a diverse character as a result of having a diverse family. He is both creative and logical.

Okaris keeps growing as a pioneer in the industry, and keeps expanding by employing the youngest and most successful of designers and programmers.


We prefer to call ourselves "Writers" instead of coders. After a while we stopped coding logic, instead we started to write stories. Stories that tell our clients our our own tale to the people. Anybody can code, but not anybody can create something that will hit the target and move people. 


The code is not about just some text that does something. It is about the interaction between human and machine and through the machine probably another human again. You have to embrace this concept and work accordingly to actually get through to your customers. This i exactly what we are doing here at Okaris. With our research, ideation, design and application process', we create something that is more than machine language.





We, the designers prefer to call ourselves artists. Instead of thinking about the user, we become users. We do not think how to create a good interface. We rather try to feel what a beautiful interface, logo, or any kind of graphic should look like. We break the rules and make them again, and what comes out of this process is truly remarkable.


Here at Okaris we add something of ourselves to each and every work we do. We try and make the customers feel the power of their request when they look at the results.